Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hyrule Warriors Legends: Thoughts on Adventure Mode

Now the 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors won't be released until Spring 2016, which gives me enough time to finish the Wii U version until then. But with Hyrule Warriors Legends I hope that they do things differently, instead of just copying all the content over, especially with Adventure Mode. Since the game won't support as many enemies on screen as the Wii U version, they would have to refine all missions anyway for the A ranks and what not else. Might as well go for something different.

So, instead of giving us the same five maps again, I hope they will just feature different maps altogether. Since this is a handheld game, the original handheld Zelda game Link's Awakening comes into mind:

They could use items like the Roc's Feather, Power Bracelet, Pegasus Boots, Ocarina, Zora Flippers, Hookshot, Mirror Shield and Magical Rod as item cards. They could even use the monochrome version of Koholinth to go for classic looks:

In any case this map offers 256 squares, which is as much as the Adventure and Master Quest Maps combined. And I suppose, they could limit the characters a little bit. It would be fine, if they kept it at Level 99 and 30 Heart Containers again, basically the same as when the Wii Version only had the Master Quest DLC. With the later DLC Hyrule Warriors went completely out of control and turned into a massive grind fest. And hopefully they will keep the 3DS game lighter, I already put so much time in the Wii U version, I would be happy to get a more streamlined version on the 3DS.

Even if they keep 8-Bit weapons and all the unlockable costumes, there should be enough space to cram it all in there. If they redistribute all unlockables, they could also use the Legend Mode more efficiently. Cia's Tale could have Heart Containers and Pieces for Cia, Volga and Wizzro, as well as some Skulltulas. The same goes for the new Wind Waker missions.

If they need more space, they could always make their own maps in the style of Link's Awakening. I doubt that they would use the maps from the Oracles, because they haven't touched any Capcom Zelda material yet and those would offer too much space...

Since the Wind Waker seems to be an important addition, a map based on the ocean of the Wind Waker could also work for the Adventure Mode. However, this only offers 49 spaces and lacks the 8-bit charm. But maybe they could remake the islands of the Wind Waker in the 8-bit style of Link's Awakening? Like they did with the maps of Twilight Princess and Majora's Mask in the 8-bit NES style. This would certainly be a nice fit and they could have 8-Bit Item Cards of various items from the Wind Waker, like the Grappling Hook or the Deku Leaf.

So, we would have one main Adventure Map with Koholinth and a secondary, more challenging map with the 8-Bit Great Sea. And probably also a new Rewards Map for the Skulltulas. But that's it.

And drop Challenge Mode. That mode is just tedious and not much fun, I doubt the 3DS could handle the Ganon chaos anyway. Good riddance.


Marandahir said...

It's Koholint, not Cocolinth.

TourianTourist said...

It's Cocolinth, where I'm from. Sorry.

wintercoast said...

Huh. That makes the etymology of the region interesting. Sounds to me like the German version (which I thought was Cocolint, not Cocolinth) may be slightly more on point of a translation from the Japanese; Coconuts do seem to be a useful representation of the tropical island feel of the setting. The French version is Cocolint too. Hmm. I'm not sure what the Japanese version is, but even if they said Koho- it's possible that they're still referring to coconuts.

TourianTourist said...

Sorry again, it's also "Cocolint" in German without the h, I accidently mixed Koholinth and Cocolint in my post. :D

But I do prefer Cocolint, since it refers to coconuts, yeah.