Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hyrule Warriors for Nintendo 3DS Trailer Leaked

Watch it here, before it's down.

I'm not a fan. Actually earlier this year I was confronted with rumors about a 3DS port of Hyrule Warriors and I couldn't imagine it. The 3DS is simply not powerful enough and the game just doesn't look and play as good. You don't even have enough buttons on the normal 3DS (which will support the port). But I guess, it's nice for everybody, who doesn't have a Wii U...

However, what's Tetra doing in this game? I already had problems with Tingle visually, but she's just completely out of place. I thought they would avoid Toon Zelda characters, unless they could make them fit visually, like for example Cole and Byrne. Even the Red King of Lions isn't tooo bad, because he has normal human proportions and a normal face. But Tetra is just weird. Originally Hyrule Warriors looked very cohesive, especially since they made their own designs for the main characters, but now it's starting to become this ugly hotchpotch without any rules.

Well, it might fit with the 3DS version, because the heavily downgraded graphics look more cartoony, but overall I would have preferred, if they made something like a "Toon Hyrule Warriors" for 3DS and keep it separate from the more realistic main game, instead of mixing everything. And you can actually transfer the characters to the Wii U version as well, so they will invade the more realistic looks of the main game:

I also wonder, how they will deal with all the DLC characters in the 3DS version. For the Wii U version it's clear that Tetra and the Red King of Lions will simply function as the other DLC characters, but on the 3DS they're not really DLC and they could give them missions. Will Wii U players miss out here? The trailer even showed a new golden Ocarina collectible.

I really wonder, what they will do here... I haven't even completed the Wii U version yet after hundreds of hours and I wouldn't really want to go through all the efforts again on the 3DS, especially all of Adventure Mode. If the 3DS version was "lighter", I might go for it... Maybe it has different modes next to Legend Mode or different Adventure Maps (maybe one based on Link's Awakening). Or if they let you share savegames between versions - that would work as well. But I can't imagine that they could just port all Adventure and Challenge Mode missions over, especially those with tons of enemies and giant bosses. There have to be some limitations to this, where they need to design new missions.

On the bright side: they will still update Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U. Maybe there are even more amiibo weapons (Ganondorf). Maybe they will improve some other things I criticized in the past. They also made a lot better use of the touchscreen in the 3DS version, maybe they won't copy over the character swapping feature, but I'd like to see the map on the Wii U GamePad, instead of the text messages.

You can also spot Linkle's Crossbow in the trailer:

I hope so much that they actually add Linkle and don't just give the weapon for Link or somebody else... but my feelings tell me that I will be disappointed. :D


Mairraii said...

I'm actually pretty excited for this! Along with Tetra and Boat, do you think there will be more characters added in? (Praying for Linkle's addition)

TourianTourist said...

It's possible. I still want Groose and Nabooru, but they need to save some characters for Hyrule Warriors 2. :D

However, three new characters (Linkle, Tetra and the King) make sense, they would just add another row to the character select.

Mairraii said...

That makes a lot of sense!

I've also been thinking, if Tetra and Boat are in the story mode, they're probably gonna be inserted into a 4th path along with the Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword paths, but my question is who would journey down the Wind Waker path? Link goes to Skyloft, Lana goes to Hyrule Fields, and Impa & Sheik go to Death Mountain... There's no one else to go to the Wind Waker area. My guess? Linkle is in the game and joins the party fairly early into the story and she offers to travel to Wind Waker land.
It makes sense, because Tetra, Boat, and Linkle are all new characters. And following how the original Hyrule Warriors went, Tetra or Boat would be available right away to play as and the other would be unlocked on the adventure map (like Ruto, Ghirahim, Agitha, and Zant)!

TourianTourist said...

Oh, I like that idea! Good thinking!