Thursday, June 18, 2015

Give us E3 demos, Nintendo!

I really want to try out TriForce Heroes right now... but there are no local Best Buy demos in Europe. And overall it's a shame that Nintendo doesn't use the eShop to release E3 demos. Those could simply expire after the E3 is over, but in any case it's really the next big step for bringing the E3 home to everybody.

That has been their "excuse" for doing the Nintendo Digital Event, instead of a big press conference. But the truth is that they just want to save money and distributing all the E3 demos over the eShop might simply be too expansive... I guess?

But wouldn't it be nice, if we could simply download the TriForce Heroes demo and try it out for ourselves? I'm tired of watching videos of the game...

1 comment:

K2L said...

Their overall presentation could have been a lot better, to be honest.

Then again, with the absence of Zelda U, little could be done to compensate it. =/