Thursday, June 18, 2015

TriForce Heroes: Arena Mode Confirmed

So, apparently there is an Arena / Coliseum mode, which sounds somewhat similar to the Shadow Battles in A Link Between Worlds, with the addition that it supports three people and that there will be items in the stages (instead of choosing the items up front). I'm really looking forward to this, because it was a fun feature in A Link Between Worlds, which simply lacked the real multiplayer option (though it did have an impressive AI).

They haven't said, how this can be played. Ideally this has all the options as the main game: singleplayer, online multiplayer, local multiplayer and Download Play. I fear it might be just a local feature like in Spirit Tracks, because Nintendo likes to make these weird choices, but online could be a lot of fun for forum tournaments. And for a practice singleplayer they could just re-use the bots from A Link Between Worlds.

There needs to be some option to play it alone, because there are also exclusive materials for crafting new outfits in the arena mode, which is interesting. The costumes are certainly a great addition and they offer a global collectible for the game, which the Four Swords games so far always lacked. You had like collectible items inside the stages, like seeds and Heart Containers, but you would lose them at the end of the stage. Now this is something, which stays and which might even create good competition between the players. Similar to how you wanted the Medal of Courage in Four Swords, you want those materials / treasures to get new costumes, so you fight other players over them.

The costumes themselves also are a good collectible in general. Each costume has individual looks and features, reminiscent of the Magic Rings from Oracles or the Medals from Skyward Sword, but also offering a visual customization option for your character, like the costumes in Hyrule Warriors. Overall it seems like the Maiamai upgrades were all turned into costumes, meaning that there is at least one costume per item. But there are also other abilities like getting more hearts. There could be many different costumes in the game.

I do seriously hope that amiibo won't be part of this though. It does fit the costume idea, but I would hate to track down lots of amiibo in order to complete my costume collection. DLC on the other hand I wouldn't mind as much for this game, for example they could release new arena mode stages from time to time, either for free or cheap.

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