Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tri Force Heroes: DLC Costume Ideas

Best thing about the upcoming DLC and updates: I can keep on speculating about new costumes, even after all 36 costumes are now basic knowledge. So far I'm quite happy with the selection, even quite some of my ideas, which I had in the last months, made in into the game, though some of them ended up being a little different. But there's the Zora Costume, the Dunewalker Duds, the Cozy Parka (basically an Anouki parka), the Sword Suit, the Tingle Tights and so on... I'm really happy, how this feature turned out and what abilities there are. The only one, I dislike, is the Lady's Ensemble, which basically makes two other costumes obsolete, one of which I didn't even have yet. And there's no real visual upgrade, they just combined two abilities in one costume without any drawbacks, which was a bad design choice. But the rest of the costumes turned out great.

And to be honest, I have little ideas left. It has been revealed that there will be at least five DLC costumes, probably even six in total, since it's numbered up to six, so I'm going with six ideas for now. Most of them I even already had in the past, they are just more refined now that I know the mechanics of the game a lot better.

  • Fairy Costume: Adds one more fairy per player wearing it. So, a total of six fairies would be possible.
  • Bee Costume: Cutting grass randomly lets bees appear, attacking your enemies. Chance of a Golden Bee also exists.
  • Heavy Armor: You get knocked back less and your damage taken is always one heart.
  • Roc Suit: Glass and ice floors don't crumble and you can sink-fly without a Cucco.
  • Muscle Suit: Makes you throw things farther.
  • Shield Suit: Upgrades your shield to defend you from elemental attacks.

The "Heavy Armor" idea basically combines the Steadfast Ring and the Protection Ring from Oracle of Ages & Seasons. Previously I was thinking about having the half damage of the Blue Ring / Blue Armor, but in this game there are no quarter or even half hearts, which I like a lot for a change. So, the minimum damage is always one heart and for the most time, this armor won't do much. It might be very helpful in the arena though and with the 50% Attack / Defense challenges. It might also help you with the strong winds in the Sky area, kind of acting like Iron Boots. It's one of the few hazards in the game, which didn't see a costume dedicated to it. Of course this kind of ability also could be combined with my "Roc Suit", which I have based on the Roc's Feather and the Roc's Ring from past games.

The "Muscle Suit" is based on the Toss Ring and I feel like it would come in handy in a couple of missions, especially with those Hinox boss fights. I really have only the ability here in mind, not a clear outfit. I was thinking of Rosso at first, but he's more Goron than anything. And Link looking like a bodybuilder could be hilarious. It could also be an outfit that makes you look like a catapult.

As for the rest, there seem to be two new areas for the Drablands, each of them bundled as a DLC pack. And each area could potentially come with a new item to make it more interesting and appealing. And these new items then will need a new costume each to upgrade it. I still would like to see some sort of shield in the game, where the costume gives you the effects of the Hylian Shield in A Link Between Worlds.

The other item could be some other classic returning, something completely new or a bit of both like the Fire Gloves. I don't have any good ideas here yet, but I will update this post, if I do. And next to new items, these new areas might also provide new hazards, where a costume could help. Like for example there could be a swamp area, where you have a costume that lets you walk over the mud. But this would be too similar to the already established Dunewalker Duds.


Eren Jaeger said...

TO be honest, I'd really like the idea of a costume of Aveil from Majora's Mask/Nabooru's second in command from Ocarina of Time that could allow the wearer to dual wield, and, in fashion to Biggoron's Sword in The Oracles, could allow the player to effectively double his attack range (however, instead of increasing it to a 180 degree of attack, I'd say a full 360 degree rotation.) Only problem with this, however, is it really has no real use aside from maybe looking cool, because of the spin attack giving you full 360 degrees, which only takes a little bit longer to charge.

TourianTourist said...

I like the idea, but it would essentially make the Dapper Spinner Kit pointless. And normal sword attacks already have a 180° range, so there's that. However, I could imagine a move, where Link does a jumping spin attack on the spot, so you can attack higher enemies on your own.