Monday, October 26, 2015

Tri Force Heroes: Updates and DLC Incoming!

Check this out!

I'm excited about this. I know it's actually breaking one of my three golden rules for this game. The main problem with paid DLC was that it's stuck on a system, but I got the eShop version anyway, so it's not a big deal for me anymore...

Also, today I thought, it will be nice to have DLC for this, since it can be structured very easily: by drabland areas. You basically buy an area pack, which gives you one new area in the drablands with four stages, 12 additional challenges and one new Coliseum arena, as well as new materials and costumes befitting that area. Maybe even new items. That Ice Shield idea is still possible, folks! So, the DLC could very easily be bundled. And for playing with random people, you chose the area anyway at beforehand. DLC will also keep the people returning to this game, which will be very important...

But what's maybe even more important, are free updates. This game needs some serious fixing, primarily the singleplayer mode. We're talking about GREZZO here! They added an awesome singleplayer to Four Swords, which I loved! How could they screw this up so badly? Well, according to this interview the bad singleplayer was even intentional, but they got some terrible reviews for it and deserve it. It's an horribly tedious experience and it would be so easy to fix with a couple of Four Swords tricks and improvements...

  • Let me chose outfits for the doppels!
  • Every character should have his own Energy Bar.
  • Have them follow me, as long as I'm on the same level, by pressing R.
  • Let me steer the totem at any level!
  • Maybe even have an auto totem feature, where your current player is on the top, by tapping your current player on the touchscreen.
  • Etc.

Just do it, Nintendo! Also, a local two player mode, where we have one puppet, would be nice. And it should work a lot better than the singleplayer actually.

Friendly Tokens are also an issue. Well, I have the luxury that I can farm them, since I got a total of three Zelda themed 3DS systems in the past. I can just keep formatting my oldest system and get a new token each time, which already scored me the awesome Timeless Tunic. And later this year I will also attempt at a Zelda fan meeting, where I potentially could collect more than enough tokens. However, not everyone has three 3DS systems at hand or knows many people playing this game personally. And online only counts, if you have befriended the player locally... but maybe Nintendo should consider that all online friends should count. Yes, people will just "cheat" on forums to get them, but it's certainly better than formatting 3DS systems over and over again. Meeting so many people with a 3DS is simply a rarity.

It would also be nice to get Shadow Links for the Coliseum for practice or for when the servers are offline (like right now).

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