Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tri Force Heroes: Hero Points Update

Tri Force Heroes was updated to version 2.1.0 yesterday as a little surprise. And Nintendo is still working hard on fixing the problem with people quitting all the time. It seems the black listing didn't do anything and now they give you rewards for not quitting, if you don't get your vote. This gives you Hero Points, which earns you free missing materials at the merchant and an upgrade for the Bear Minimum outfit.

I have completed the game already for 100% and if I play, I play to help others completing their challenges. And it's nice that this is now also rewarded. If you select "I can't decide" (which actually means "I don't care"), you will also get Hero Points. And this really brought me back into playing the game. It's a nice incentive for people to stay around and play more, help others.

The problem is, however, that you might run into a group of people, who all just select "I don't care" and clearly all have completed the game already. That's not much fun for me, I like the feeling of at least achieving some progress for someone else, being helpful, but also laying back. I don't want to be all "do this, come here, do that".

And the reward was a bad choice...

I kind of liked, how the Bear Minimum was a "Hero Mode" costume, making the game more difficult. If I score 30 Hero Points, it will be a better version of the Cursed Tights, making yet another costume obsolete and also destroying the only real challenge costume. Actually it's more a reason not to go for Hero Points...

They should have upgraded the Hero's Tunic in different ways for scoring Hero Points instead. It's called the Hero's Tunic anyway and right now it doesn't have any use at all. So, why not give this costume an upgrade instead? - The answer to that question turned out to be simple: the Dopples in the singleplayer mode are using the Hero's Tunic, so it has to stay neutral to keep things balanced there. On the other hand this would have been an even nicer reward, because it helps you with completing the singleplayer Challenges.

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Eren Jaeger said...

Personally, I thought it'd be cool if they added in Link's attire that he wore prior to TFH, during ALBW.