Friday, December 11, 2015

Tri Force Heroes: Potential Outfit Abilities

Following The Cutting Room Floor there will be six DLC costumes in total for Tri Force Heroes. There are six placeholder slots for DLC costumes and the first two have been used by Linebeck's Uniform and the Fierce Deity Armor. So, I suspect that there are two more large updates planned, each housing two additional outfits.

I made multiple speculations posts about the outfits in the past months, e.g. this one, and by now it's safe to assume that Nintendo and GREZZO are actually looking at the abilities of the 64 Magic Rings from the Oracle games. I already talked about this here, but the Fierce Deity Armor actually covered two more of them, the Energy Ring (sort of) and the Steadfast Ring.

Now, instead of conjuring up new outfits, I simply want to think about what other abilities could still make sense for this game. Here's a list:

  • Ice and glass floors don't crumble (Roc's Ring).
  • Strong winds have no effect.
  • You can throw things further (Toss Ring).
  • You hold onto things even when taking damage.
  • The dark curses don't effect you (Whisp Ring).
  • No harm from electricity (Green Holy Ring).
  • Damage taken is always one heart (Protection Ring).

Some of these could be combined into one, for example the first two abilities could go into some birdman / Rito outfit. The abilities to toss further and hold onto things could also make sense in one strong man suit. And the last three abilities could be combined into some protective armor. Yes, this is similar to what I had in mind before, but I wanted to list the individual effects, since they could just become side effects to new costumes like it was with the Fierce Deity Armor. Or how the Linebeck's Uniform adds 10 seconds to timed missions as a bonus.

The latter actually makes me believe that the Fairy Costume still will be a thing, since the ability of adding a fairy would be quite similar. It could also have some of protective properties, e.g. defending you from curses. That way a Fairy Costume would be a good choice for the Den of Trials. And I'm still holding onto that Bee Costume idea, where cutting grass releases bees to help you in battle. It just sounds too fun not to happen...

Actually both of these costumes could accompany some sort of A Link the Past / A Link Between Worlds DLC with areas and dungeons from these games.

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