Saturday, December 10, 2016

Breath of the Wild: amiibo Goods

About a week ago Nintendo showcased what the new 30th Anniversary amiibo do in Breath of the Wild via tumblr. They simply deliver goods:

  • 8-Bit Link spawns barrels with Rupees
  • Ocarina of Time Link spawns meat
  • Toon Link spawns fish
  • Toon Zelda spawns plants

This is nothing exciting, but it might be quite helpful. I do prefer, if amiibo aren't required to get the full game experience, so I'm good with this sort of helpings. You can get all these things in the game, it's just that these amiibo functions work as emergency provisions. It can be compared to the amiibo usage in Hyrule Warriors, just somewhat more flashy.

The Wolf-Link amiibo might even be a similar case, where Wolf-Link simply could be a special dog, but you can befriend any dog in the game. We'll see about that, but in any case I still think that the Wolf-Link amiibo does deliver the best amiibo usage I've seen so far, at least in Breath of the Wild.

I'm not expecting much of the other Zelda amiibo. They probably work in the same fashion and spawn certain goods in front of you:

  • Archer Link spawns Bows and Arrows
  • Rider Link spawns a Horse
  • The Guardian spawns a Guardian
  • Smash Link spawns random melee weapons(?)
  • Ganondorf spawns random enemies
  • ...

I'm not entirely sure about the Smash amiibo. So far everything seems to spawn something in front of you, it's even how the Sheikah Slate uses the amiibo rune. Ganondorf might just spawn random enemies or rain destruction on that place. I hope that he's not required for some sort of extra "Hero Mode" again like he was in Twilight Princess HD. I'm not sure, if Toon Link or Zelda would do anything different from the new Zelda amiibo, but in case of Sheik getting something related to the Sheikah (technology) would be nice.

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