Saturday, December 3, 2016

Breath of the Wild: Ruins of the Past

Ever since the E3 I've been a huge advocate of the timeline merge theory for Breath of the Wild and the new "Life in the Ruins" Trailer just breathed new life into this theory.

We've entered a world, where the old Hyrules lie in ruin. We've already seen, what's the the remnants of the Temple of Time and Hyrule Castle from Ocarina of Time at the Great Plateau. We've also already seen the pedestal of the (now rusted) Master Sword from A Link to the Past and what appears to be the Great Bridge of Hylia. There's also talk of an "ancient ocean" in the game and we have the Koroks living in Hyrule. And now, in the new trailer, we can spot the ruined fountain place of Hyrule Castle Town from Twilight Princess:

It even still has one of the red banners at the side. Of course fan theories are shifting left and right again, with many of them now placing the game after Twilight Princess. But how does all of this really add up? How can there be the ruined Castle Town from Twilight Princess, while the Temple of Time looks still a lot more in shape than it was in the game?

Well, it doesn't add up, unless you add it all together into one new timeline, where all the universes somehow got merged, probably by the power of the Triforce. This created a massive, new Hyrule, where everything of the past Zelda games is coming together. But it also all fell to ruins, probably because of the dark powers of Calamity Ganon that might also have risen with the unification of the timelines.

With such a story, Nintendo can create a fresh start for the Zelda series, while still building on what they had created with all the games from the past 30 years. It's very symbolic in a way, we're entering this new era for Zelda by living in the ruins of the past.

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