Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Minecraft New 2DS XL Announced

Nintendo 2DS looking like a Creeper

Nintendo really wants you to buy a New Nintendo 2DS XL, it seems. Like the Hylian Shield Edition, the "Creeper Edition" is looking really nice.

I used to be a big Minecraft fan back in the day. It was my most played game between 2012 and 2014 and I don't think any other "modern" game came as close to the iconic cult status of Nintendo as Minecraft did. And the Creeper is surely a front face for that.

But the main reason, why I'm posting this, is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Such a cooperation makes it even more likely that there might some Minecraft representation in the game, like a stage. I would absolutely love to battle as Link or Samus in the Minecraft world, this would be truly amazing.

Of course there could be more than just that. "Steve" is an often suggested character and the potential is certainly there with the different Minecraft tools and weapons. He could use sword, bow or the pickaxe. He could fire Enderpearls for his Up Special and drop certain blocks as his Down Special. His Final Smash could involve lots of Dynamite or summoning a Wither.

Additionally, the Creeper would be a perfect candidate for an Assist Trophy, who chases one of your opponents and then goes "boom". There is so much potential with Minecraft in Smash, where I can only hope that this will be happening.

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