Sunday, November 25, 2018

Got Creating a Champion Hero's Edition

This piece of beauty arrived at my mail on Friday, the Breath of the Wild - Creating a Champion Hero's Edition:

Known as "Master Works" in Japan, this massive artbook contains probably almost every artwork, illustration and piece of concept art for Breath of the Wild. With 424 pages it's about the same size as Arts & Artifacts (428 pages). Let this sink in for a moment... This artbook about one Zelda game has the same amount of content as the artbook for the entire rest of the Zelda series. This alone shows what massive milestone Breath of the Wild is for the series. It's sensational.

The Hero's Edition comes with a couple of extras, namely the photo of the Champions, a large cloth map of the new Hyrule and a Spirit Orb, an actual dark blue glass orb with the Goddess Symbol enclosed inside. Here are some photos of its contents:

One thing of note: there was a price sticker on the back of the sheath, even though the whole thing was wrapped in plastic foil and the sticker should have been on the foil. And we're not talking about one of those stickers that are easily removable, it's a persistent one leaving sticker marks on the object. It's probably some production mistake (wrong order or so), but this isn't nice to have on such a collectible.

Otherwise I'm really happy with this purchase and I will probably be studying this new book in great detail during the next days.

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