Saturday, May 7, 2022

Breath of the Wild 2: Voice Actor Spoilers

An Italian voice actor has revealed something interesting about his latest work for the sequel to Breath of the Wild. The poor guy is probably in trouble now for breaking some NDA, but the damage is done, so let's talk about the dropped info a little bit and do some speculation. Spoilers ahead, stop reading here if you don't want to know anything that hasn't been officially showcased.

That the Champions may re-appear isn't all that surprising, since Nintendo has been pushing these characters ever since the release of Breath of the Wild. It could be in the form of additional memories from 100 years ago, where I personally doubt that the events of Age of Calamity will have any impact on this game, so we're still dealing with the original timeline for Breath of the Wild. It might also be that their ghosts appear to you again, where you could learn additional things from them.

It's already questionable how they will handle the different Champion abilities, like Daruk's Protection. Having them from the beginning of the game may be too much, but removing them entirely would be a shame, so eventually you will have to re-learn them or something like that. Technically, you can beat Breath of the Wild without ever acquiring a single one of these abilities, so it doesn't even have to be explained why you don't have them anymore.

Now, Daruk's ancestor is a different story. And this immediately brings us to the Calamity Ganon tapestry from Breath of the Wild:

Link's new design in the sequel, which got shown so far whenever he is in the sky, is clearly inspired by this tapestry. And this already led to a variety of different theories. Are we playing two different Links? Or does the Link from Breath of the Wild simply get the appearance of his ancestor? Are the sky islands over the current Hyrule or are they something from the past?

Maybe it's both, where I personally still like the theory that these islands are the Sacred Realm, which can take many different forms, though this one is so far the closest to what the "Golden Lands" have been depicted in A Link to the Past. But it may be that we are going to meet the ancestors of the Champions in this Sacred Realm, where it's still connected to the time of where they have first battled Calamity Ganon.

If the game really were to partly take place in that era, via time travel or other means, this would bring back the Divine Beasts, Guardians, and Sheikah Towers, where from the rest of the footage it doesn't seem like Nintendo wants to revisit any of that. It also wouldn't be very interesting, because we already have been dealing with the Sheikah technologies in two different games now and the sequel still takes place in the same Hyrule.

It would be interesting to see the original Champions, however. Since Link's Sacred Realm design is based on the tapestry, it's likely that the Champion ancestors' designs will be heavily inspired by that as well. Daruk's ancestor for example appears to be much slimmer than your usual Goron. The Zora Champion appears to be female, but more prideful than Mipha. The Rito Champion looks interesting, because it's essentially two in one, a little bird inside a larger figure. It could be that this is either a young Rito, who uses some sort of wing suit, or it's a duo of parent and child, like Teba and his son, Tulin. In any case, I would like it if the ancient Rito Champion is a female character, like Medli, because this would balance things perfectly.

Anyway, this reveal is one more thing to be excited about. Hopefully, we will find out more about the sequel in about a month from Nintendo themselves.

Source: Lega Hyrule via NintendoLife

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Raul said...

If the champions do return in their spirit forms I would love if Zelda gets to meet with them too this time around, especially Urbosa and her father King Rhoam.

Having to lose the champion abilities and regain them over the course of the story I could see happening. Would be a taste of Metroid too which is pretty cool where Samus loses her suit and abilities in many games.