Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Mysplaced Copying Link's Awakening

Mysplaced screenshot looking very similar to the area above Toronbo Shores with the hero firing a Fire Rod at a knight

Mysplaced has been all the rage on social media today, which is an indie title presented in IGN's Rogue Jam. You can watch a small preview on Youtube and by doing so you will immediately notice how the game has simply copied the art style and core gameplay of the Link's Awakening remake, while it's non-linear and comes with some mechanics of its own.

It's like they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And this looks so beautiful that it makes me want to play Link's Awakening on the Nintendo Switch again. More importantly, this makes me want to play remakes of the Oracle games in the same art style sooner than later. If GREZZO is not up for the job, then maybe Nintendo should just hire the two indie developers behind this project, who call themselves Clear Sky Games, because they pretty much nailed it...

Looking at this footage really made me fantasize about how the Oracle games could look in the same style. Take for example this windmill:

There was a windmill next to Horon Village, at the Eastern Suburbs, in Oracle of Seasons, where you meet Guru-guru. This one:

windmill area during the summer in Oracle of Seasons

This really could be taken to the next level in a remake, imagine the whole upper area as one giant windmill structure. It could look absolutely fantastic.

Mysplaced also has winter themed areas, where seeing the different seasons in Oracle of Seasons in this art style would be a dream. Just imagine these little, snowy dioramas. Though, it makes me wonder how they are going to pull off the switching seasons between the areas in a remake, since you should also have the continuous scrolling and not some screen borders.

I suppose, it could work similarly to going into the foggy Mysterious Forest, where you can see from the outside that the area is different and then it morphs the visual style once you enter it. They could even use such a remake to properly showcase the madness of having all these shifting seasons right next to each other in ways that simply weren't possible on the GameBoy Color...

Anyway, since Twilight Princess HD is seemingly out of the picture for this year, I keep seeing mentions of the potential Oracle remakes for 2022. And while I would absolutely love to be wrong here, I feel like it's a bit too early for those, especially since GREZZO was hiring for some other project just last year. The timing would be absolutely fantastic, though.


Eduardo Jencarelli said...

So apparently, Breath of the Wild had a stealth easter egg in one of its cutscenes:

TourianTourist said...

Hey, that's not exactly news (to me). In fact, I had mentioned this detail on this very blog five years ago.