Monday, November 6, 2023

Got the Zelda and Ganondorf Tears of the Kingdom amiibo

boxes of the two new amiibo

Today I received the latest amiibo: Zelda and Ganondorf from Tears of the Kingdom. This should complete my collection of merchandise around the game that directly comes from Nintendo. And this is also probably the last thing that Nintendo will do with the game for now...

Again, I've ordered from the My Nintendo Store and in Europe you'll get these nice boxes, where the inside is decorated with artwork from Tears of the Kingdom. They probably still had some left from the launch of the game:

the amiibo boxes inside a box with TotK artwork

Already got the glider fabrics from the amiibo, where the one from Zelda is quite nice and the Gerudo King Fabric not so much. But Ganondorf makes up for it with the more impressive amiibo overall. Zelda's just floats weirdly in the air, where she is held up by a big plastic stand. The Master Sword is also slightly bent, which doesn't look to great overall. It's not as bad as the Skyward Sword Link amiibo from 2017, but still noticeable.

The Ganondorf amiibo can also give you the Gloom Sword, which is interesting. While scanning for the fabric I didn't get any other Phantom Ganon weapons, where the Demon King's Bow would be really good, but I suppose they just wanted to give you the sword that he's holding and nothing more.

I will add photos of both unboxed amiibo later, once I'm able to take pictures with better lighting.


photo of all three Tears of the Kingdom amiibo

photo of all three Tears of the Kingdom amiibo from a different angle

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