Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nintendo's Horseback Controller Patent

OH EMM GEEE. I mean, I'm cool with the Balance Board and the Wii Wheel, even with the useless Wii Zapper, but this one seriously goes too far. I really hope, that this is just one of Nintendo's random patents of things, they will never make use of. A patent doesn't mean, that they're using it as an actual product. They're probably patenting every idea, so they can charge all, who are developing similar peripherals. Because they would jump the shark peripheral-wise, if they release that, especially if they're using it in Zelda Wii. Of course something like this would be optional, but still... awkward.

But it's interesting that they show the horse riding in first person. I always thought, that especially the horse riding is one of the things, that wouldn't work too well in first person perspective. Click on the source, if you want to know more.


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