Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oracles Secrets Generator

Sorry for the silence lately, but there haven't been any interesting stories. Which is why I come up with old stuff like the following or articles about additional bombbags. I'm currently replaying the Oracle games and my problem is, I'm too lazy to collect all the rings again. It was a hell of a job back then to get all 64 of them, especially the Bomber's Ring in the Goron Dance minigame or the L-3 Armor Ring from the Hero's Cave in Oracle of Ages, just to name a few. I think the only sidequest, that comes close to these efforts of "getting them all" is the figurine quest in The Wind Waker. But fear not, there's an easy solution for that problem: The Oracles Secrets Generator made by Paulygon in 2001, when the games came out.

Download it here.

Hah, doesn't that site look classic? However, this tool is especially helpful, if you want to play a linked game, but only own one of the Oracle games. I noticed, that people are still asking for secrets on message boards, so it's obviously something, not everyone knows.

The tool let's you create (nearly) every password you want. You can select the game it should be for, start a linked game or a Hero's Quest, choose your name and the rings you want. If you started a linked game, you can also choose your favorite animal, the name of your kid and its behavior, and the tool will also print all the passwords for the link game sidequests. It's basically everything you need. The only thing, you can't do, is creating a linked game for a Hero's Quest, but that's basically the same as a normal linked game except for the Triforce symbol, which would decorate your save game file.

"What's a Hero's Quest?", you ask? Well, that's what I call it, when you start a new game with the "Hero's Secret", the one you get after beating Ganon. This kind of a 2nd Quest lets you essentially start a completely new game (like without any passwords), with a few differences. The save game file has a Triforce symbol in its stats, you start with four Heart Containers, you have the Victory Ring in your equipment and you can already copy all your rings from the last playthrough.

"What's that good for?", you ask? Well, let's say, you have played Oracle of Seasons first, like most people did (most of them, I started with Ages for example), then linked it with Oracle of Ages and beaten Ganon. Then you have finished, seen and done everything in the Oracle games, right? No, that's false. You're still missing out stuff, which you can only experience, when you play in the opposite direction by starting with Ages and then linking with Seasons. The only thing, that is entirely the same in both possible directions is the Room of Rites and the fight against Twinrova/Ganon (except for the available items there), but the rest is unique. The Hero's Cave, the quite hard bonus dungeon in a linked game, looks entirely different in both games and offers a different ring as a price. The Hero's Cave in Seasons for example gets you the L-3 Power Ring. Also, the additional side quests, minigames and events look different and you also get different rings here. There are at least 3 rings you absolutely can't get, if you only play in one direction. Which is why you have to start a new game with the Hero's Secret and play in the opposite direction in order to get all 64 rings. It's basically like the 2nd Quest in The Wind Waker, which helps you to complete your figurine collection, which is hard to do in a first playthrough thanks to all the missables, and also gives you some other extras like the new outfit.

After this process you can basically start a new game using the Hero's Secret and get all 64 rings from the start. Which is one nice seed capital. I replayed the games a third time to have at least one save file with a different animal companion (Ricky, Moosh and Dimitri), because some parts of the overworld change entirely depending on what animal you got. The Hero's Secret combined with a 64 ring secret made replaying the game very relaxing in that case. Because you start a game like that:

So, if you're too lazy to get all the rings a second time or even for the first time, you can basically cheat using the above tool. I guess, in case Oracle of Ages & Seasons appear one day on the Nintendo DSi as downloadable games, this tool might become quite popular.


HeroOfTime5 said...

I understand what you mean now. The sidequests are different for different linked games. So If I want to do 100 percent completion I can either do:
OoA>>OoS [hero's secret] Oos>>>OoA
OoS>>OoA [hero's secret] OoA>>>OoS

Thanks again.

TourianTourist said...

Yes, exactly. If you play in the other direction the Hero's Cave minidungeon will be entirely different, there will be different inter-game sidequests and you will get new rings as a reward. With the help of the Hero's Secret you can copy your old rings from your last playthrough to complete your ring collection. That's the only way to get all 64 rings.

fabbemannen said...

Is it possible do use secrets for a game you already have? I started with both OoA and OoS at the same time. I don't feel like re-playing them again. Let's say I have a game in OoA where Hero-Link Kid-Tony Animal-Moosh and I'm using those settings in the generator. I've tried, but can't get it to work. Help please...

TourianTourist said...

Sorry for the late answer, I completely forgot your post, sorry... I will answer it anyway, even though you most likely won't read this:

Well, if you got two normally started games, there isn't much you can do anyway. You can only face Ganon and the extra dungeon in a linked game. You might want to try to get the extra items, however, the setting must be accurate. The problem is the kid. There are many ways to achieve a certain behavior, which is why you have multiple entries for each behavior type. You have to try them all until you get right passwords.