Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Secret Spot in Dodongo's Cavern

Yesterday a guy over at Zelda Universe Forums reported, that he found a hidden Recovery Heart inside the Dodongo's Cavern dungeon in Ocarina of Time, which apparently no one ever has found before. It's in a hidden chamber behind the lava waterfall in the room, where you fight the two Lizalfos for the first time (or second time, if you're playing Master Quest). So, in case the Lizalfos give you some trouble (which they shouldn't), you can go there any time to recover additionally to all the pots in the room. I know, this isn't very spectacular, but I'm highly interested in those kinds of small curiosities. And there haven't been any news lately anyway.

I made two screenshots (sorry for the bad quality) how to get there, in case you want to check it out for yourself. The lava waterfalls, which incidentally come from the above room, where you fight the other two Lizalfos, are to the right of the entrance. Just jump from the platforms into the leftmost part of the falls and you should find it. I wonder, wether the Lizalfos will follow you there or not.

By the way, Nintendo should have used this spot for something in Master Quest. Like one of the hidden Gold Skulltulas, that would have been nice, because this definitely would have given people some trouble.

Source: Zelda Universe Forums

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