Friday, December 18, 2009

Spirit Tracks Rail Diary: Day 8

Spoilers ahoi.

I know, I said yesterday, that it would be the last part, but today was a nice day. I've beaten the third level of the "Take Em All On" minigame in Hyrule Castle Town. It was MUCH easier than I expected. I thought earlier that there would be nine floors before each of the bosses, much like in Level 2. Which is why I gave up early the last time, the psychological pressure was just too high. :D But turns out, you only have to fight through the first series of "normal" enemies as a warm up and after that a pure boss rush starts. Which is totally fun. Also, the Great Spin Attack made some of the normal floors much more easier, especially the one with the three giant pirates. The secret boss at the end was a little disappointing, because he only had very low health, but it was cool nonetheless that they included a Dark Link. It's a nice easter egg. But hey, the effort gave me a Pirate's Necklace and an Ancient Gold Coin. Wait, I didn't even get a Regal Ring or a Alchemy Stone for the torture?! Very rewarding! :D Well, but the reward was somehow to see and fight the secret boss. And remember, that a lot of Zelda fans actually wanted a boss rush mode. Looks, like they are lucky this time.

Treasure hunting goes surprisingly well. There's a spot with leaves in the Disorientation Station on the highest level of the cliffs, that always gives you treasures. Just enter and leave the minidungeon, go to the spot and repeat. But the best spot to go for 50 rupee treasures is still Whittleton/Mayscore. As for the 150 rupee treasures, the sword training is definitely the fastest and easiest way to get them. Just get 60 hits, receive your reward and repeat. If you need 500 rupee treasures I advice the archery minigame, score more than 4000 points. You can also replay the Mini Ocean King Temple and earn more treasures doing so, if you'd like. Interestingly enough, the Wood Hearts and Dark Pearl Loops, that were very rare for me before, flow in normally by now. It's like the probabilities changed after a week or after I've finished the game. I got seven more train cars today (only four left) and I'm positive right now, that it won't take as long as to get all of them like it took to get all ship parts in Phantom Hourglass. Still the system could have been better, if there weren't any extra-rare treasures during the game.

And I finally have more time to notice all the small details in the game. Like for example if you play the Song of Birds next to a seagull (or is it a dove?), it will sit on your head and won't go away until you leave the area or start attacking something. It's really funny. Also, check out the quotes from the Phantoms in the Tower of the Spirits, some of them are quite funny. And I noticed, that I rarely found any buried treasures with the Song of Discovery. There are the obvious ones, where you get treasure maps or where the spots are somehow marked. But alltogether it was not a lot, so I'm looking for those right now. (Update: Apparently, there are only seven spots in the game.)

That's it for this little extra entry.

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