Saturday, December 19, 2009

Spirit Tracks Rail Diary: Day 9

I've finally got all the train cars and pretty much 100%ed the whole game with the exception of the higher membership levels in the Beedle shop and some treasure chests, which I may have overlooked somewhere. The different train sets are all very creative, especially the different horn sounds. The wooden train might be the exception, but that's the train from the beginning of the game, which gets destroyed after the tutorial. So, this set is special in its own way. All the full sets only give you six hearts, while the golden set gives you eight. Like I said yesterday getting the required treasures went very well, during the game I had problems finding Wood Hearts and Dark Pearl Loops, so I needed about 20 of the Wood Hearts and a dozen of the Dark Pearl Loops to complete my collection. But they came in well this time around, I didn't have the feeling anymore, that they were extremely rare. At least if you try hard enough and look in all possible spaces including the shops and the lottery, it shouldn't be a problem. Well, I'm really glad it just took me a couple of hours to get all train cars and not forever like the ship parts in Phantom Hourglass. I'm also glad, that you don't need to trade treasures in the Contact Mode to get a complete train collection.

So, it has been nine days full of fun. As for the next days, I will regulary buy the treasures in Beedle's shop to get the Diamond Membership Level, play the lottery every day and try to collect some more treasures. So, the game will probably keep me busy ten minutes every day over the holidays. Great game, review coming here after Christmas.

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