Monday, December 21, 2009

Super Smash Bros. for Christmas

Nintendo of America decided to release this classic at Christmas for the Virtual Console. Here in Europe we already got Super Smash Bros. in June, but I wasn't playing it much since then. Actually it's my least played title on the Virtual Console, even though I haven't played it before on the original system or any other system unlike most of my other VC games, like the Zelda ones. As for Zelda, there are only three things from the Zelda franchise in the game:
  • Link as a character
  • Hyrule Castle stage
  • Heart Container as the best healing item
If you have played Super Smash Bros. Brawl and if you now ask yourself, whether you should download this game or not, save your Nintendo Points. The game hasn't aged well at all, it's absolutely lacking content especially in comparison with its two sequels. Also, the controls weren't still perfected at that time and you have to get used to them, if you played with the superior controls of Brawl a lot.

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