Friday, February 5, 2010

A Second Golden Link and Epona Statue

Nintendo really likes me. Two years ago, I participated in a German Zelda quiz sponsored by Nintendo, scored first place and won one of the those golden Link and Epona statues amongst other prices, see my blogpost here. Recently there was a lottery inside the Spirit Tracks Preoder Deal box and I participated as well. First place was a black Nintendo Wii and I wanted to get one, because the black Wii looks sexy. And I was somehow lucky. Today I was woken up early by the post, who got a huge package for me with "Nintendo of Europe" as sender. I was like "OMFG, I won the black Wii". Well, I didn't win the black Nintendo Wii, but I got the 2nd prize, which was yet another one of those very precious Link and Epona statues. Which isn't bad, because I got the other one over at my old room in my parent's house, so this one is for my student apartment. One for each place. :D Well, and two are better than one anyway. I also got a Spirit Tracks mouse pad, a Spirit Tracks Nintendo DS case and yet another Spirit Tracks preorder box with those figurines, which is ironic, because you had to get one of those boxes to participate in the contest. I wonder, if there's another lottery inside. :D Well, I guess they had some leftovers and didn't know what to do with them. And like I said, two are better than one.

Here are some pictures of the prizes:

The number of the statue is 587/3800, in case you're interested in these things. The first statue was number 3313/3800.

Actually, the first prize was the black Nintendo Wii Resort bundle and additionally all the prizes, which I've got. Meaning one of those statues and all the extras. Whoever got this, must have exploded in luck this week. :D

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Anonymous said...

congratulations, what a prize!