Friday, February 26, 2010

Zelda Wii and First Person Hybrid Gameplay

After the news about Metroid: Other M and it's classic 2D and first person hybrid gameplay, I had a thought about something similar in Zelda Wii. No, not exactly the same controls of course, but before I was thinking in two extremes here. One was that the full game would be in first person similar to the Metroid Prime games, but at one point I dismissed this idea for several reasons. The other extreme was that everything would stay the same except for the MotionPlus controls. But what if they do something like a hybrid? The normal gameplay could be third person, but you can switch in first person perspective (or maybe over-the-shoulder) for sword combat or archery. Basically in the case of archery this always has been done in 3D Zelda games. You could always switch into first person mode to look around and use certain items like the Bow or the Hookshot. But this was always stationary, they could enhance this for sword combat or different things, so that you can move around in first person mode as well. That way the game wouldn't change too much from the previous 3D Zelda games, but it would still offer a new perspective and a new way of experiencing Zelda.

But this is just a thought...

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