Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spirit Tracks Concept Art Leaked

Sorry for the silence lately, but I'm in the middle of my exams.

An employee at Nintendo posted some concept art for currently released games on 2ch. Some of it includes concepts for Spirit Tracks, so take a look:

The concept art for the Tower of the Spirits looks beautiful, but the most interesting ones are train ideas, that didn't make it into the full game. The BOAT train gives me the impression, that they originally had a different approach for the Ocean Land, maybe with no rails running over water and this special boat train that works like the boat from Phantom Hourglass. But the most crazy thing is the Tingle train. I mean, seriously? :D It looks totally gay, as much as I like the humor that comes with Tingle, this is too much. So, no wonder that this didn't make it into the full game. I mean it looks like he's getting it doggy style. But a Tingle train would have been awesome, maybe they just should have used the face.

And Nintendo really should release Zelda artbooks with all the concept arts from the games. Definitely would be a must-buy.

Source: NeoGAF Forums

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