Saturday, March 13, 2010

Phantom Hourglass Collector's Guide

Let's take a look at the Phantom Hourglass Collector's Edition Prima Guide. It's make-up is basically the same as the Twilight Princess guide, gilded page edges and a hardcover with a golden Hylian Crest on it, except that this time it's blue.

There are some extra items as well, it comes with a poster map, a small booklet with the images from the opening story and a faux-leather bookmark. Of all the three guides it has the most extra items, but it also has the cheapest map.

When it comes to the content, I didn't notice as many flaws as in the other two guides. But as always I didn't thoroughly look through the entire guide. Well, one thing was that it doesn't cover the places, where it's easier to find rare ship parts. There are certain treasure chests (like the two chests at the end of the Temple of the Ocean King) or other occasions (like when you score more than 2000 points in the archery minigame), where it's more likely that you'll get a golden or other rare ship parts. The guide doesn't cover that, it always just says "here you'll get a random ship part". There are no real tips or strategies on how to complete your ship part collection except for "keep collecting". That's a little disappointing.

The guide also missed some of the golden pots inside the Temple of the Ocean King. Mostly those that get smashed by a Phantom soon after you enter the floor (like B7 or B11).

But except for this I didn't notice anything yet. Tomorrow I will show you the newest guide, the one for Spirit Tracks.

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