Saturday, June 19, 2010

Essence of Lime

Thanks to Zelda Universe I discovered this amazing fan music project today. It's a group of people from OCR, who decided to release an album specifically devoted to The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. It's called "Essence of Lime" and here's the link to their site, where you can download their finished album and their very shiny artwork:

Essence of Lime Site

(The site was also added to my Link Gun.)

The album includes 42 tracks, which is definitely a meaningful number. And the whole thing is quite special, because Oracle of Ages is an interesting choice. I mean, other people would probably first think about an Ocarina of Time album, like ZREO did. But no, these guys chose a less popular Zelda handheld game, also they chose specifically Ages and not Oracle of Seasons or both Oracle games. But Ages has some very powerful tunes and I'm really happy with their choice. Overall the project is quite different from what ZREO does, it's much more fun. For example I like how they mixed sounds from the game into the music like the sword beam. And I absolutely love their Labrynna artwork, it's just awesome. Well if you're fan of the Oracle games, you shouldn't miss this.

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