Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ocarina of Time for 3DS

This is probably ten times more exciting than Skyward Sword. (Btw, using "SS" as an acronym is actually quite awkward. :D) Well, I've always been saying, that an Ocarina of Time re-release for the Nintendo DS would be boring and pointless and won't be happening, but of course the 3DS changes everything. With the analog stick and Hyrule in full 3D it's going to be probably the most exciting re-release in the Zelda series. I hope it's a 3DS launch title. I also hope it includes Master Quest as an optional difficulty level, as well as some new content like extra dungeons. And I hope, there will be a Majora's Mask 3DS re-release at some point, too.

Edit: According to Aonuma switching the boots will be easier this time. :D

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Saurabi said...

This is gonna be great, but I guess I'm gonna wait for a second version of the 3ds, you know that always happen, anyway the game seems to be great, better graphic part and better in some many ways.
Well thanks I guess I'll wait until next year.