Friday, June 18, 2010

Zelda Galaxy

Watch this interview with Aonuma at Gamespot.

One of the most interesting comments here, is that you will travel between the "sky loft" and the lands of Hyrule multiple times during the game. Initially it sounded like that Link will descend at the beginning of the game and that's it. But in this interview it sounded more like the familiar two worlds concept, which is totally overused in the series. A Link to the Past did it, Ocarina of Time did it, both Oracle games did it and even Four Swords Adventures and Twilight Princess did it to a lesser extent. It's nothing that we need to do again. And I can't map my mind around, how the sky world and the below overworld would interact with each other and why Link would need to travel between them.

Then I began to fear that the sky world could be more like the observatory from Super Mario Galaxy. Actually the fear began with the screenshots and demo videos with the very beautiful landscape in the background. My question was, if you would be able to fully travel through these landscapes. I already said in my last post, that I want the game to have a free and open overworld ready for exploration. But judging from all the Zelda games after The Wind Waker, the changes for this are very slim. I don't believe anymore, that the Zelda team is able to pull it off. The changes are higher, that they devided the overworld into areas, pretty much like in the Nintendo DS Zeldas. But instead of travelling between these areas with a boat or a train, you will ascend back to the sky and from there you will "select" another area to descend to. Some of these areas will be dungeons disguised as overworld areas, pretty much like the forest from the demo, which is basically a typical 3D Zelda forest area but with dungeon elements, like the forest levels from the Four Swords games. Four Swords is a good example, because travelling between the worlds this way would be no different from the level selection in the Four Swords games, just more cinematic and with an observatory level like in Mario Galaxy.

Of course this would suck hard. There's nothing more important than the overworld and this is the worst thing, they could possibly do. So, I really hope, that my concerns about this will be layed down soon, when they talk more about the game.

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TourianTourist said...

One year later at E3 2011 Zelda Galaxy was confirmed...