Thursday, January 20, 2011

Metroid Stage in Dead or Alive: Dimensions

I recently talked about how an awesome cameo looks like with Link starring in SoulCalibur II. Now it seems that Dead or Alive: Dimensions is trying something similar. As you may recall Team Ninja worked on Metroid: Other M and they were smart enough to reserve some rights for a Metroid cameo in their 3DS outing of their popular fighting franchise. There will be a stage based on Other M's Ridley battle. Ridley will fly in the background, shoot fireballs and grab players, who get tossed out of the arena. Also, there's an appearance of Samus, where she goes into Morphball mode and drops a Powerbomb. According to Eurogamer she will not be playable, but she may support you in the fight. Find a video of the Ridley stage and more info at Kotaku.

I'd say Zero Suit Samus as a fighter would have been an awesome addition to this game, but Team Ninja says they rather want to focus on making the best version of Dead or Alive. I guess Samus would have simply stolen the show from Kasumi, Helena and the other girls. The game would be all about her appearance, much like Link is the star in SoulCalibur II. But they should reconsider it, the competition in the form of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is very strong and a Metroid cameo like that would really boost the game. All the talk about the "best version of DOA" is bullshit anyway, since when are fighting games best on handhelds? The stage is still nice, though. However, if Team Ninja also makes a 3DS version of Dead or Alive Extreme / Paradise, they should use the chance then and add a Zero Bikini Samus. Just kidding.

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