Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Hyrules of Heroism

Some fellow asked me to advertise his short fiction revolving around the original The Legend of Zelda game. So, that's what I'll do. It's nicely written and has a good but decent sense of humor. Here's a quote I liked:

There are other princesses out there. Princesses far more beautiful than Zelda, and held in much looser captivity. Hell, there is a princess you could free simply by jumping over some ugly green fellow who spits fireballs.

If you're interested in the story, check out the link:

The Evolving Existentialist: The Hyrules of Heroism


K2L said...

I'll check it as soon as I have free time (likely tomorrow night!)

A.M. Schultz said...

Many thanks again for featuring this story. I set up a link and a shoutout to your site at

Take care,