Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nintendo Letter Box Message for Zelda Fans

The Nintendo Direct Conference just came to an end. Of course there wasn't anything to be expected for Zelda, they didn't even show Luigi's Mansion 2. Though there is a new game from Vanpool, the studio that made the Tingle games, which is available for download as of NOW (in Europe) and doesn't look too bad. More about that later on.

Well, at the end they announced that the downloadable Letter Box software for the 3DS will receive specialized messages based on what games you've played on your 3DS. During this announcement Nintendo of Europe inserted a little pop up message that Zelda fans can look forward to a little surprise in the next couple of days. It's probably just some stupid scrawl, but I'll keep you posted.

Update: this is the message. Just a teaser from Aonuma, nothing special. (Source.) Though it is interesting, that the "New" got capitalized. As in New Super Mario Bros. Probably means nothing and "New Legend of Zelda" would sound terribly, though I would like to see an approach going back to the NES Zelda basics. Also, note that he says "games" as in plural, probably because they currently work on both the 3DS and the WiiU Zelda simultaniously.

Well, we've just entered the Zelda void, so every tiny bit of news gets suddenly interesting. xD

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