Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oracle of Seasons: Hero's Cave Chest Puzzle

As I already mentioned, I'm currently revising guides for ZeldaEurope. Right now I'm working on the Oracle guides and today I made this nice graphic for the final puzzle in the Hero's Cave from Oracle of Seasons. I thought I also could share this here, since I have been neglecting my blog lately (in favor of ZeldaEurope and Minecraft :D):

Well, if you ever happen to get to this room, you can use my solution. As an explanation, the floor tiles resemble Holodrum. There's the desert in the southeast, the sunken city in the northeast, the mountains in the north and the lakes in the center. The eight chests stand for the eight dungeons in the game and you have to open them in the proper order.

There's also a nice trick for the room before this one. There's this nasty Boomerang puzzle, where you have to throw the Magical Boomerang through a tight tunnel, which is difficult to do. For the trick just stand in the lower right corner of the room next to the blocks and throw the boomerang up. Then walk left, so that the boomerang hits the switch on its way back to you. It will move right through the blocks.


Anonymous said...

That was an awesome trick with the boomerang. Other walkthroughs just mention toughing out the daunting task of hitting the switch with a boomerang. I tried it that way for half an hour before coming across your solution. Thanks for the tip.

TourianTourist said...

My pleasure. ^^

Anonymous said...

Just use bombchus on that switch. Job done.

Chris said...

bombchus did the job quick like he said