Thursday, April 18, 2013

Four Swords and the 3DS

The new "A Link to the Past 2" engine (which looks like a polished Phantom Hourglass engine) naturally invites to remake games using the old A Link to the Past visuals. However, there was only one other main game that did that: Four Swords Adventures.

But it might be that Nintendo decides to re-explore the Four Swords idea. The old games suffered from the sole problem that it wasn't easy to find other players AND all the necessary hardware. Now with online capabilities things are a lot different and there are a lot of possibilites. So, it might be that they make another Four Swords title after they are done with "A Link to the Past 2".

Or they are already making "Four Swords 3", adding it to the game. Similar to the original Four Swords that got bundled with the GameBoy Advance port of A Link to the Past. Both Nintendo DS Zelda titles got a separate multiplayer mode, though these were only small Battle Modes. However, the Shadow Battles mode from Four Swords Adventures was really fun. If they make something like that it could become my favorite 3DS online game.

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