Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Zelda 3DS Announcement Overdue

Since end of 2011, the release of Skyward Sword, Aonuma's team has been working on an exclusive Zelda title for Nintendo 3DS. And it's likely that the we learn about the title this year, maybe even hold it in our hands. I expected it to be announced already. GDC was my best guess, but Iwata didn't hold a keynote this year. The last Nintendo 3DS Direct was also a possibility, but nothing happened there. This Wednesday another Nintendo 3DS Direct is taking place and naturally I just assume they drop the Zelda bomb there. If not, there's still the E3 in June... xD

I expect the 3DS Zelda game to use a classic topdown perspective, even though this might sound paradoxical at first. But Aonuma wanted to make a game, where "3D matters" and that's not the case in a free camera game like Ocarina of Time. Only with a fixed perspective you can play with optical illusions, see Super Mario 3D Land as an example.

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