Sunday, April 21, 2013

Timeline Placement of A Link to the Past 2

I'm not much of a timeline guy, but as a huge fan of Link's Awakening this is an interesting question.

After A Link to the Past Link goes on his journey, where the Oracle of Ages & Seasons stuff happens. At the end of the Oracles he goes out at sea, where Link's Awakening takes place. At the end of Link's Awakening we see Link lost at sea - and we never learned if he made it back to Hyrule alive or not! Link's Awakening basically ended on a cliffhanger that never got resolved in TWO DECADES. Maybe twenty years after the release of Link's Awakening we'll learn what happened to him. Hyrula Historia only added a little teaser at this part:

He set sail on another voyage, and his further whereabouts are unknown.

The book states he set sail on another voyage, instead of just saying he was lost at sea! This is a connection point, an open point for a new Zelda game to fit in. Maybe Aonuma already knew that they were doing an A Link to the Past sequel at the time, so he rephrased the part accordingly.

The game could also explain, how Ganon finally came back to life!

What doesn't fit, is the original artwork of A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening, where Link clearly was older, while in the 3DS game he looks and sounds like a kid. However, they already screwed this up with the Oracles, where they portrayed him as a kid as well.


K2L said...

The most likely placement may be BEFORE he travels to Holodrum and Labrynna. Do we know how much it passes after ALTTP and those two?

K2L said...

My bad. I meant to say BETWEEN, not after

John Turner said...

Unfortunately the Zelda Timeline does have a few Holes! Even after the Hyrule Historia, I'm bit unconvinced there ever was a Plan, but that the Games were constant (albeit Fantastic) re-telling of essentially the Same Legend.

There did seem to be a bit more of a Story Arc Between ALTTP and L!, and it would be nice to see them Resolve this part of Link's Timeline, I always found it a bit sad that you saw him Adrift at the end of LA.