Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fierce Deity Link in Hyrule Warriors

So, Majora's Mask is getting its own DLC pack for Hyrule Warriors with two new characters. As you might know, my pick would be Fierce Deity Link and Skull Kid. There are other potential characters from the game, like Mikau or the Deku Princess, but as a start it should really those two, maybe together with a Clocktown stage.

Now I've seen various fans, who don't like the idea of Fierce Deity Link being it's own character, especially on GameFAQs. They want him to be a simple costume for Link like in the new Super Smash Bros. 4, maybe in combination with a two-handed sword weapon, where the Double Helix Sword is just the last tier following the Biggoron's Sword and Great Fairy's Sword. Or have the Fierce Deity's Mask as a transformation. The main reason is that he doesn't take a spot from the two characters in the DLC pack, so someone else could be in like Kafei of the Happy Mask Salesman or even Tingle...

Well, I've repeated the same arguments over and over again, I might as well do a blog post about it.

First of all... I'm a huge Majora's Mask fan. It was the first Zelda game, which I got on its release day. I didn't have many games on the N64, but this one I played up and down. I repeated dungeons and boss fights just for the fun of it. And one of my favorite things in the game was blasting bosses with the power of Fierce Deity Link. This feeling was simply incredible and I always wished that you could do more with this character than just fighting the five different bosses, maybe a minidungeon, where you blast all the enemies from the game.

Now Hyrule Warriors is THE perfect chance to bring Fierce Deity Link back in full glory. With full glory I mean in his right size and a moveset that revolves around sword beams. Maybe you have a meter to replace the Magic Meter from Majora's Mask. You can only shoot sword beams, as long as the meter lasts, and then you have to use other techniques to refill it. Somewhat similar to the meters that Zant and Ganondorf have.

Of course a moveset like that wouldn't make sense for the Biggoron's Sword. In fact Impa already has the Biggoron's Sword as her third tier. It has a different shape, but the original design and it's clearly meant to be this game's Biggoron's Sword. So, why should there be a second one? They could even give Impa the Great Fairy's Sword as her "level 4" weapon. Again same colors and design, but different shape. It would even make a lot of sense for the Great Fairy's Sword to involve water magic.

Now about Fierce Deity Link being a costume... they could have a skin like that just for fun, because why not, but it would not replace the actual character or make much sense. Fierce Deity Link is 1,5 times the size of Adult Link from Ocarina of Time. Look at this size comparison from ZeldaWiki:

He doesn't even fit through doors! It's hard to notice, because you normally can only use him in boss fights, but just compare him against Odolwa ingame. You'll see. So, a simple skin for Link won't do this character any justice.

A transformation weapon for Link wouldn't work either, because costumes. How would all of Link's different costumes work with Fierce Deity Link, who has a different model? It fully makes sense for him to be his own character, exactly like Sheik is not some weapon for Zelda, but her own character. Actually Fierce Deity Link might even get a costume in the pack, one for his Majora's Mask looks. If they add them to the game, he will probably be designed after the Hyrule Warriors Link and have his own touch. If you want the more classic variant, you can use a costume though.

Fierce Deity Link is powerful and amazing. And if they add characters from Majora's Mask, he should be the first. And I trust that Koei Tecmo will make the right choice. (that and the fact that they could reuse Link's voice actor to save some effort :D)


Britton K said...

What if instead of fierce deity link being his own character, link got a new weapon and when he used his magic/focus spirit, he became fierce deity link. That would be more in line with how fierce deity is in majoras mask. You couldn't play as him all the time, but when you did it would be amazing and rewarding.

Zora Sedtu said...

I do despise that he is exactly what you posted he would be. He should have simply been his own character, his own entire character, not a simple focus spirit transformation. It feels like they took the most popular character requested, and just shoved him to the side, even if it's rewarding when you transform, it's got a time limit, which it didn't have in Majora's Mask.

Personally, I despise what they did, and it bothers me, but that's my opinion. I know it means little at this point, but I've said my piece.