Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wizzro = Red Ring

With the update to 1.3 it's official now. Wizzro used to be the Red Ring! I already had this theory before. Sadly it seems like I haven't posted this on my blog yet, but I when I first read about Wizzro's backstory, I immediatly had the Red Ring in mind.

If you don't know Wizzro's backstory, he used to be a ring, who consumed the powers of its wearers. Cia then made him come to life. The ring he wears looks a lot like the Red Ring from The Legend of Zelda and Oracle of Seasons and this is now confirmed. He has the Red Ring, Blue Ring and Magic Ring as his weapon tiers. The Magic Ring seems to be the Green Ring, which combined both Red and Blue Rings in the Oracle games:

Now this officially makes Wizzro even creepier than he already was! Imagine that you used to wear him in three different Zelda games and while he was giving powers, he also slowly consumed the powers of Link! You can even come up with interesting theories. Like the Link from Oracle of Seasons discovered at some point that the Red Ring had dark powers, so he staged a Frodo and threw it into the depths of Death Mountain. Two generations later the Link from The Legend of Zelda then found it in Ganon's lair.

Naturally Cia was observing all this and she probably took the ring to make it part of her collection. Maybe even the good Cia stole the Ring to prevent that it could do harm to future Links. And then the corrupted Cia made the ring come to life. (Update: ah, it looks like the evil Cia found the ring in Eldin Caves, which basically is this Hyrule's Death Mountain.)

Overall I have to say that the design of the three new villains is absolutely amazing. I love how they used the designs of certain enemies as inspiration. Like Cia is based on the Poe Sister Meg, Volga on Volvagia, while Wizzro seems to be the master of Wizzrobes, Poes and even Wallmasters. They did a great job here and I can't wait to have them playable here in Europe.

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Rayne Vve said...

Wizzro seems to be based of Bongo Bongo more than anything imo but I like the red ring theory as well.