Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hyrule Warriors 100%

So, I finally completed the game in terms of unlockables. I got all weapon upgrades, all Heart Pieces, all Heart Containers, all Golden Skulltulas and both the blue and red tunic for Link. And I unlocked the true Master Sword skill. That's pretty much it, but it took around 275 hours in total! The game never got boring though and there's still some things left to do for the "true 100%". Spoilers ahead.

There's still one mission in Adventure, where I haven't scored an A rank yet. It's the infamous "Boss Gallery" on the Rewards Map. In this you fight all the giant bosses, three of them at a time. It's a Water recommended stage, so I beat it with a Level 90 Lana using the Stick (the normal attack string is really good at breaking the weak point gauge). For A ranking I might try a Level 99 Impa with the Biggoron's Sword, but she's not there yet.

So far I only have three characters on Level 99: Link, Zant and Agitha. Link got there first, naturally, since he's an allrounder with the most weapons. I guess, most people will have Link as their forerunner. Agitha then followed out of necessity, because her Lvl3 Parasol and her last Heart Container were quite hard to get. I paid for most of her levels to get her up fast and because I don't really like to play as her. And even on Level 99 she's weaker than some characters on Level 90 or even lower. Zant was next, because I had trouble getting the Skulltula on his Lvl3 weapon mission, but I also like playing him and I broke a Legendary Seal for his weapons.

All the other characters are above level 75. Zelda is even very close at Level 98, followed by Ganondorf and Lana. I won't force leveling them to 99, because this will happen eventually, if I keep playing. Every character is getting new missions in the updates anyway for costumes and 8-Bit weapons and I will probably just play with everyone from time to time to farm some remaining materials.

I need materials, because I still haven't completed all badge trees yet. However, I'm getting quite close, I got all silver badges and the majority of golden badges. I honestly thought that this would give me a lot more trouble, but for every material there are good places to farm them. For example there is this "Defeat all the giant bosses" mission with two Argaroks and one Manhandla. With a character above Level 80 this is fairly easy and you can finish the mission within three minutes. Lana, who needs Argarok's materials, was actually the first character, where I completed all three badge trees because of that. There's a similar mission with Ghirahim and two Imprisoned in the bottom left corner at C3, where you can quickly kill an Imprisoned with one weakpoint attack, if your level is high enough. But this helped a lot with the bagde trees for Agitha and Fi.

The missions on the rewards map are also a lot of fun for farming. My favorite one is probably "Evil Power", where you fight all six baddies at once. Volga and Wizzro even twice. So much fun to have and you get lots of rare materials here in a very short time. The "True Partners" one is also very good, because you just have to wait five minutes (kill some enemies in the mean time), until every girl is weakened to near death with the exception of Midna. Then pick Midna as your partner and quickly kill all the other girls... :D The "Unity" mission is very good at breaking seals, because you can easily get 3000 K.O.s in one run here thanks to the Summoner.

However, for the moment I will stop playing and wait for the 1.3 update to arrive. The farming should be a lot more fun, if you can disable all those annoying movies for the characters and bosses, which pop up every time you meet them.

But as a guy, who farmed all ship parts in Phantom Hourglass or collected 99 of all insects and most treasures in Skyward Sword just for the fun of it, at least farming here still has a meaning. Even if I unlock all badges, you still might collect materials for future characters or for potions, which help you with getting good weapons.

And this leads us to the last topic: "perfect weapons". I don't really consider this to be part of the 100%, because this is very subjective and random, but it's still some nice goal. A perfect weapon would be tier 3, five stars and eight sockets filled with skills that you actually want. However, getting a weapon with eight slots and and not having any unwanted skills on these slots is super rare. So, I'm settling for "good enough". I'm aiming at five star weapons with the Legendary skill for maximum attack power. I also like to have the "Materials+" skills and in most cases the elemental skills. In Zant's case I even go for a level 2 weapon with the Legendary skill. It won't have as many slots, but I like the design of the claws just a lot more than the Lvl3 scimitars. I might even do the same for the gauntlets. The big deal is getting the Legendary skill, however, which requires you to get 25.000 K.O.s with the same weapon. And this takes a while.

But as you can see, there's lots to do with this game, if you're up to it. My goal was to unlock everything before the DLC hits, so I can fully focus on the three new characters. So, the DLC is pretty much perfect timing for me and I'm really looking forward to next week.

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