Sunday, December 21, 2014

Beaten Link's Awakening Again

I honestly don't know, how many times I've played through Link's Awakening by now, but definitely over 20 times. The only other Zelda game, where I'm not exactly sure, how many times I played through it, is Ocarina of Time. With all the other games I remember quite well, how many times I played them.

But with Link's Awakening this has become some sort of Christmas tradition for me. It was Christmas 1997, where I got the game. And it was my first Zelda game. It took me months to beat it originally, I got stuck so many times in the silliest situations. I cried, when I finally beat the game, because such an amazing journey came to an end.

Today I beat it in one evening. It's a very short Zelda game and I know all the best routes through the dungeons, but it's perfect, if you want a quick Zelda experience.

It also brings back so many memories, each time I play it. The mystery the game had, when I only knew it from Club Nintendo magazin articles. The imaginations about the island Cocolinth running wild. It was like reading a good book.

I picked up the uncensored, original, monochrome German version of the game, which has the Claude M. Moyse translation humor. He was known for sneaking in some kinky translation here and there, so you get Buzz Blubbs talking about condoms and sharing juices. Or one of my favorite parts is the quest with the mermaid. She actually lost her bikini top and if you dive in front of her, she gets upset... and when she offers you a scale, pervert Link grabs something else first. Good times. :D

What I also enjoy a lot about the game are the secrets. Some of the Pieces of Heart and Secret Seashells are so well hidden that you really have to be thorough to look for everything. This was my first Zelda game and it taught me that there can be a secret behind every wall and under every bush. Sadly Zelda games kind of lost this, by now it's always very obvious, where things are hidden. Take the Maiamais in A Link Between Worlds for example. It's a fun collectible quest, but way too easy.

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