Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: Costume Frenzy

In case you haven't heard yet, the preorder costume sets for Hyrule Warriors will be available on the eShop later this month, on the 18th December. At least this was announced for Japan, but I guess this will be the case in the other regions as well. It kind of fits, because the December is the only month without a new DLC pack and it could be a nice Christmas present.

Overall I enjoy having lots of different costumes for a character, because it adds quite some variety. Some of the reskins, which you unlock on the DLC Adventure Map, are pretty cheap though. It would have been nice to get some actual costumes out of these ideas, like a full Skyward Sword costume for Impa or a true Rutela costume for Ruto for example, though her pink recolor actually looks really nice. But having only reskins feels like wasted potential with some of these. Others look really great, like the silver golden Fi or Cia in blue. And Ghirahim even got a costume without his cape, which is pretty cool. I made a picture series of all Twilight costumes on ZeldaEurope, in case you want to take a look at all of them.

And I would actually like to see some small costume packs released alongside the preorder ones, mainly with these costumes:

  • Ocarina of Time Sheik
  • Ocarina of Time Impa
  • Skyward Sword Impa
  • Demise costume for Ganondorf

While Impa and Ganondorf already got Skyward Sword recolors, I still want full costumes for these, mainly for the sake of completion. Not only Link and Zelda should have all their reincarnations. And those could be released as Ocarina of Time Pack 2 and Skyward Sword Pack 2.

Then there's still the question of the dark costumes:

Only Link got his so far, but everyone in the game has a dark version, where it would be fun to have them playable. But I was thinking that maybe the new game modes in the final DLC pack will provide that, so you will be able to unlock the dark costumes there. Maybe even the Wizzro imposter costumes, where the characters appear in a ghostly tone.

On the Majora's Mask Adventure Map I expect to see more recolors and I'm hoping for some of these:

  • Lana in Red
  • Cia in Red
  • Ruto with Mikau's tattoos

A Fierce Deity Link recolor à la Smash 4 could be possible, but this would be the cheapest and most disappointing way of dealing with Fierce Deity Link. Unless of course Fierce Deity Link is a full character and they just add the recolor costume for fun.

A red costume for Lana would give her one color scheme for each goddess / Oracle, which fits her character design very well. Cia has all of Lana's colors and she would look good in red, too.

Apropos red costumes, what Koei also likes to do is Christmas costumes and I was thinking that this might not be too bad. Link in a Santa outfit is not too far from his usual clothes, a Santa Darunia could be fun and imagine a sexy Santa costume for Cia and Twili Midna, something like that:

Artwork by VanEvil

Of course there's no Christmas in the Zelda universe, so this probably won't happen... :D

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