Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: Fishing Rod?

This might sound weird, but when I look at Link's weapon list, it really feels like he's missing one weapon. Of course he already got seven weapons in total, but his tabular weapon menu basically screams "give me one more weapon". It just looks incomplete.

And there's still the issue that we haven't seen another new Water element weapon so far. There's one new Light, Fire and Lightning weapon and four new Darkness weapons. At this point I wouldn't even be surprised, if the Majora's Mask pack added yet two more Darkness weapons with Fierce Deity Link and Skull Kid. And only a Deku character would probably add another Water element weapon, however, there are more likely candidates for the remaining two character slots.

The solution? Give Link the Fishing Rod! This would happen as part of a free update - probably the last one, which comes alongside the Ganon/Boss pack and the two new game modes. That way the final update would be more exciting and Koei Tecmo could use this as a "thank you". On the other hand they could also add the weapon and/or its upgrades to the Termina Adventure Map, since Majora's Mask is now getting fishing ponds in the remake.

It would be a pure joke weapon, which is why it's not really potential paid DLC. But seeing, how they made the Spinner and the Dominion Rod work, they could easily come up with a full fishing moveset, where Link whips his enemies using the Fishing Rod and smashes them with giant fish that he pulled out of nowhere. Something absolutely ridiculous, but fun.

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