Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: Twilight Princess DLC Disappointment

Okay, the new content itself is great as always. Love the new movesets, Twili Midna plays totally awesome (except for the weird squeak sounds) and I could see her become one of my favorite characters. The ideas on the new Adventure Map are interesting and feel fresh. And the costumes are fun.

But other than that, they did everything wrong, which could be done wrong. Everything. Murphy's Law at its best.

Let's start with Twili Midna ... while she seems to be an awesome character, she's completely self-contained. She doesn't have any unlockables at all, not even a new costume. She gets more Heart Containers while leveling up and her higher tier weapons are obtained randomly. I know that you can buy her separately in Japan, which is probably the main reason, why they did that. We don't have this purchase option in Europe, so I don't care, and even if we did, I would probably be disappointed about buying a character, who doesn't have anything to do in the game.

If you primarily play Adventure Mode, Twili Midna won't see any use. There is not a single mission for her, which is a massive letdown, considering that the entire Adventure Map was themed after Twilight Princess. You just keep playing the 16 original characters... on the 2nd mission it already starts with you being locked to Imp Midna. Why did they make you pay for an entire new character, if she doesn't see any use at all?

I'm not even sure, if she appears on the new Adventure Map at all, like as an ally or enemy (Update: it seems like she does). But she certainly doesn't in Legende Mode, while this would have been the perfect opportunity to patch her in. Especially Cia's mission on the Twilight Palace should have Twili Midna, because it was Cia, who cursed her into the imp form... now they finally created Twili Midna, but they still don't use her.

And with this way of nonexistent character integration with the DLC I don't even care much about the upcoming Majora's Mask characters... they probably won't be of use as well. And that's a shame.

I also don't understand, why we did get two more Darkness weapons... forget about my posts about element balance, they clearly don't care. We have eight Darkness weapons now and we probably might get two more in the Majora's Mask pack, if it's really Fierce Deity Link and Skull Kid. They probably wanted to keep Twili Midna as a shadow character and at least the Mirror does Light element damage as well. Maybe in the sequel they will introduce true multi-element weapons...

Okay, this might be nitpicking, but I feel the same about the Dominion Rod...

It completely looks and feels like a Light weapon. And we have Princess Zelda here, where it's weird to have her wield a dark weapon... so, I don't understand the concept of this being a darkness weapon yet.

Another big disappointment is the lack of any new stages. Even at the discount the DLC is at roughly 30% of the main game's price. So, I would expect about 30% of the content, which would include about three or four new stages. But nothing of the like. The City in the Sky would have been awesome or Snowpeak Ruins. Ordon Village could have been a possibility as well. But getting nothing is just lame. It's really boring to play the same 14 stages over again and again, this game badly needed new ones.

The Adventure Map is even based on the different regions of the original Twilight Princess map, just rotated by 90°. But you get a snowy regions for example, which would have been perfect for the Snowpeak Ruins.

I will probably still enjoy what we got, but overall I'm let down by all of this...


Mairraii said...

This is totally unrelated but if you don't mind, can you tell me what you did to get all of your characters to level 99? I've gotten 3 of them there by grinding on the first reward map but is there a better way at doing it??

TourianTourist said...

The "Rack up your KO count" missions on the DLC Adventure Maps are the fastest way, because of the constant magic buffs.

The Rewards Map is also very good for leveling up.

And don't hesitate to use the training dojo! Especially with characters you don't like playing as much.

Mairraii said...

Sweet, thank you for the tips!