Sunday, November 2, 2014

Upcoming DLC Adventure Maps: Combined Dungeons?

Previously I had the idea of using the classic TLoZ dungeons for Adventure Maps, because it would give the item cards new uses, e.g. lighting up rooms with the Candle. However, it turned out that they would be too small, because every character gets five new Heart Containers and one new costume to collect.

But... I completely forgot that all the dungeons were aligned on two grids of the same size of the overworld. Their shapes fit perfectly in each other:

This might as well be the next two Adventure Maps! I'd also like to see them design more original 8-But environments like on the Rewards Map, but the dungeons could be interesting.

I see two problems with this though:

1) So far each square represents a battle field. You can fantasize about how the tree on the islands leads to Eldin Caves. Or how the hill with Level 2 is Lanayru Gorge. It has a nice touch, which wouldn't really work on a dungeon map.

2) Some items like the Candle or the Ladder are usually not used in one specific spot. You can use the Candle anywhere in the room to light it up. Or use the ladder on any part of a gap. And bombable walls are always in the center. The new Adventure Map would have to take this into account, but then maybe finding all secrets would be too easy and not require the compass at all.

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