Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Twili Midna announced for Hyrule Warriors

BAM! There she is!

There's absolutely no arguing that she was the frontmost important thing to be added to the game, right after the unplayable villain trio. The only question was, will she be a character on her own or a weapon for the existing Midna? Since they showed a 2nd weapon for Midna at E3, many (including myself) speculated that Midna's true form would be used for this weapon.

Now later it got revealed that her 2nd weapon was called "Hair" and it's likely that it got scrapped alltogether. It just makes more sense for her to be her own character, since she has a different model, which would have different costumes than Imp Midna. So, Imp Midna is most likely going to stay as an one weapon character.

I don't know, why I thought otherwise, since I always advocated that Fierce Deity Link should be his own character and not just a weapon for Link. Also, this is the only way to get a beautiful character art into the character select menu, because weapons don't add that. And it would have been a shame to miss that beautiful face.

I guess, the main reason, why people wanted her to be the weapon and not the character, is that then there would have been space for a surprise character like Yeto or the Hero's Shade. But of course this is backwards mentality, since there is no real limit to character slots. If they haven't planned Yeto yet, there won't be Yeto. They planned two new movesets per pack and one of them is Twili Midna. If she would have been implemented as a weapon, we would have gotten two new weapons instead.

The real question now is ... what's the new weapon? I would have speculated the Spinner, but Koei Tecmo already announced that this one is going to stay exclusive to amiibo. Another option would be the Dominion Rod. It could be a new weapon for Zelda, but also a 2nd weapon for Twili Midna. Giving a new character two movesets from the get-go would be cool. Another possibility is the Fishing Rod ... but we all know, where this would end: Link having eight weapons in total, no thanks.

So, I place my bet on Ganondorf's horse! This makes the most sense. Like Epona it's already in the main game. It would be a moveset based on Twilight Princess, where Ganondorf showed his horse skills. They could even take the ghost riders as attacks from there. And Ganondorf deserves to get a 2nd weapon, simple as that.

By the way, I'm happy I was right that Twili Midna uses the "Mirror" as her weapon type with the Mirror of Twilight being one of the tiers. I'm eager to learn about the other tiers, she could even get a 16-Bit Magic Mirror as a joke skin.

I also hope that they will patch Legend Mode with her now, because the true Midna should have appeared in certain situations, like when Cia first met her.

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wintercoast said...

Magic Mirror, Dark Mirror, Mirror of Twilight. We have three mirrors already in various games, so it's likely these three mirrors will appear in her "levels", just like the Magic Hammer appeared for Darunia along with his more traditional Megaton Hammer and the Magical Rod appeared with the Fire Rod for Link. It's likely "Mirror" will be the name for all the weapons in the set, in that case, rather than "Magic Mirror."