Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: Star / 8-Bit Weapon Speculation

As joke weapons in Hyrule Warriors they went for gigantic 3D voxel weapons based on the 8-Bit items from The Legend of Zelda (NES). This is what we got so far:
  • Link's Sword: 8-Bit Wooden Sword
  • Link's Magic Rod: 8-Bit Candle
  • Impa's Giant Blade: 8-Bit Boomerang
  • Sheik's Harp: 8-Bit Stepladder
  • Lana's Book: 8-Bit Book of Magic
  • Zelda's Rapier: 8-Bit White Sword
  • Fi's Goddess Sword: 8-Bit Silver Arrow
  • Ghirahim's Demon Blade: 8-Bit Arrow

There's even more. If you play Network Link battles, you can already spot certain characters with additional 8-Bit weapons, which aren't unlockable yet. This includes what appears to be the Red Ring for Midna and even some 8-Bit Rupee Parasol for Agitha. I've yet to see them myself, so I can't clearly tell. But I suppose, some of these might be unlockable on the next Adventure Map and maybe in the end everyone will get at least one 8-Bit weapon.

Let's think about what other items from The Legend of Zelda could act as potential star weapons in Hyrule Warriors, just for fun ... here are some of my ideas:

  • Zelda's Baton: 8-Bit Recorder
  • Ganondorf's Great Swords: 8-Bit Magical Swords
  • Darunia's Hammer: 8-Bit Hammer (from Zelda II)
  • Ruto's Zora Scale: 8-Bit Food
  • Zant's Scimitars: 8-Bit Magical Boomerangs
  • Cia's Scepter: 8-Bit Magic Rod
  • Volga's Dragon Spear: 8-Bit Magical Key
  • Twili Midna's Mirror: 8-Bit Compass
  • Tingle's Balloon: 8-Bit Fairy

Some of this I could easily see happening. Other stuff might be too weird. Darunia for example is a tough choice, but I could see him smashing things with a Raft on a stick, because that's probably the heaviest item in the classic 8-Bit arsenal. Or they simply give him the Hammer from Adventure of Link.

I'd love the Food for Ruto, since it was basically the bait item of the first game. Giving this to a fish woman would have some irony. And Ganondorf certainly needs the Magic Sword, so each of the three main characters have one of the classic swords each. Since there are even different sprites fort he Magical Sword, he could use both of them for his weapons.

If Tingle is really in the game, giving him the classic 8-Bit Fairy as his balloon would be fitting, don't you think? The 8-Bit Heart Container also could act as a mask for Skull Kid, if he's in, since Majora's Mask had the shape of an heart.

I had some other ideas in the past for what could act as potential star weapons. Like the Skull Hammer for Darunia, the Bug Catching Net for Agitha or the Great Fairy's Sword for Impa. But with the exception of the Bug Catching Net those would be serious alternatives and not some joke weapons. I also had the idea of 16-Bit weapons like the Magic Hammer for Darunia or the Magic Mirror for Twili Midna. But all of that might be material for a sequel and for the first game they probably keep the theme of 8-Bit weapons.

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