Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: New Weapon for Zelda Incoming!

One Facebook Nintendo revealed that Zelda's getting a new weapon in the upcoming Twilight Princess DLC next week. Nice thing that they didn't make this an exclusive amiibo weapon, haha.

Since this is a Twilight Princess pack, I already had the idea of the Dominion Rod for her. You can even expand this idea by controlling different Phantoms from Spirit Tracks, which would be a nice reference to that game and to her new move in Smash. And this would most likely give her a fire type weapon, if it involves Fire Phantoms.

Another possibility would be the Ice Rod. While not being from Twilight Princess, it would create a nice water type weapon and the water element hasn't seen a new weapon yet.

There's also a new picture of Twili Midna:

I kind of dislike that they reused the Shadow Wolfs from Imp Midna here, but it looks kind of cool. It's probably one of her specials.

Also, Link is getting a Postman costume! Very nice choice. I was thinking about the Hero's Shade, but he's still a potential character in my eyes and wouldn't have worked well as a costume, since costumes don't change the sound. And the Postman wouldn't be a fighter, so a costume for Link is a nice touch. I could even imagine Link becoming a postman in a Zelda game.

I wonder what the other costume could be, if it has any relation to Twilight Princess... I can only come up with more costumes for Link, like his Ordon clothes, the Zora Armor or the Magic Armor. But maybe it's a Rutela costume for Ruto. That could be beautiful.

And the Adventure Map is going to be Twilight Princess themed. So, there goes the idea of having the dungeons, I guess... unless they meant that the missions will focus on Twilight Princess and even offer new stages from this game like the Snowpeak Ruins. Which I still hope is the case, despite the lack of Yeto. And I wouldn't mind getting a completely original Adventure Map.

I'm really excited for all of this. Too bad Smash Bros. 4 for Wii comes out one day later, so I won't find much time to play the new Smash... :D

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