Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nintendo Direct - Hyrule Warriors DLC reveal tomorrow?

Koei Tecmo tweeted today that they're making great progress with the DLC of Hyrule Warriors and they're ready to show it soon. They also retweeted the news about the Nintendo Direct using their Hyrule Warriors channel. And from what we gathered on ZeldaEurope, the next Hyrule Warriors update is planned for November 20th. I guess that there is a fair chance that tomorrow will be the reveal of the new weapon and characters. So, let's do some final speculation.

I still think that Princess Midna should be in. Whether it is as a 2nd weapon for Midna (like it was teased at E3) or as a separate character is the question. But in any case they should also patch Legend Mode, so that true Midna appears whenever she was supposed to be appear. It was Cia, who cursed her, but Midna always appears in her imp form, even though she shouldn't.

Next to true Midna I see many possibilities. Ganondorf's horse as a weapon. Yeto (Fish), Hero's Shade (Four Swords) and even Linkle (Crossbow) as potential characters. I really hope, it's Linkle. But her connection to Twilight Princess would be a thin one. Of course they could introduce some Ordon stage as Link's home, where his sister lives. By the way, I definitely want some new stages with the new DLC! Snowpeak Ruins would probably be the best choice from Twilight Princess and with it Yeto would be the most meaningful character.

I have absolutely no clue about the costumes in the Twilight Princess pack. The only ideas I have are more variations of Link: Ordon clothes, Zora Armor and Magic Armor. But he already has the most costumes. Stuff like pale Midna and Puppet Zelda would be simple reskins of existing costumes, so that's not it either. A Rutela costume for Ruto could be nice, but would probably be "too much". We'll see.

I hope that they at least will tell us, what characters will appear in the Majora's Mask pack. I'm still standing my ground that they should be Fierce Deity Link and Skull Kid. The three costumes would be Majora's Mask Fierce Deity Link (since he probably would get a new design), Goron Link's clothes for Darunia and a Twilight Princess version for Skull Kid.

With it they could also announce Majora's Mask 3D for next Spring. This would be really awesome and I still haven't given up hope on that, especially after Grezzo teased that they work on Zelda again. I don't expect to see anything from Zelda U yet, but maybe...

amiibos are another topic. They already announced that the Link amiibo will be compatible with Hyrule Warriors and they will most likely demonstrate this. I wouldn't even wonder, if this is their main focus. However, I really don't like or want the amiibos, so I hope that they don't add anything exclusive to the game. I mean, in Smash they are pretty much useless. I could imagine that they spawn a helper character, who isn't completely incompetent and maybe grows like a normal character with Levels and badges. And it would be fun, if using the Link amiibo with Cia spawns a Dark Link... We'll see.

The Mario Kart 8 DLC will also be interesting for Zelda fans. It appears that it will be released next week and it could keep me entertained until the Hyrule Warriors Twilight Princess pack arrives. I don't expect more than one track for Zelda though.

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