Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hyrule Warriors - Weapon Element Count #2

The release version of Hyrule Warriors had a perfect balance of the elements with four weapons per element, not counting the Master Sword, because that's just a modified Sword & Shield moveset.

Also, Koei Tecmo had a perfect balance with the base damage values of their characters and still have, even after the first update. So, part of me believes that they're going to maintain that balance and at the end of the DLC we're looking at a perfect balance again. Now let's add Epona, the Scepter, the Dragon Spear, the Ring and the Spinner to the counts:

  • Light: 5
  • Fire: 5
  • Water: 4
  • Lightning: 5
  • Darkness: 6

A good guess would be that they're going for 30 weapons in total with 6 weapons per element. But this means a couple of things here.

The Darkness element is already full, which would mean that there won't be any more Darkness type weapons. This is interesting, because if they would add Skull Kid using the Mask as his weapon type, you'd think that this is a Darkness type weapon. What else would it be? Even the mini moons from the Power-up Hookshot deal Darkness damage. This could potentially mean that Skull Kid is not part of the DLC.

Well, Midna's Hair or Mirror would most likely be a Light element weapon. And Tingle's Tingle Balloons could classify as Fire Element, because he probably would drop Tingle Bombs all over the place. Now this basically leaves one more Lightning weapon and two more water weapons. I already speculated about Yeto being the Twilight Princess character and maybe the Deku Princess will be part of the Majora's Mask pack. Mikau as a Lightning fighter (Guitar) could also be a fit, but it would be more important to get a Deku representative before another Zora.

However, we're one weapon short. But it might be that we get another free weapon or another amiibo weapon somewhere down the line. Like a horse moveset for Ganondorf could be Lightning based. Or I thought about that Tingle, since he already was in development before the release and he has his fans and haters alike, gets added as another free character like Cia, Volga and Wizzro. There could also be a free weapon for someone, something silly like the Fishing Rod for Link to add another water weapon.


Mairraii said...

it's been confirmed that Zelda's Amiibo will unlock a new weapon for her because her and Link's Amiibo will be paired together

TourianTourist said...

Nope. Koei Tecmo deconfirmed this via Twitter. Only Link will get a new weapon via amiibo.