Friday, November 21, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: Twilight Princess Adventure Map, Dominion Rod

So, Zelda's really getting the Dominion Rod. Nice fit. It looks like a light element weapon though and so far no Phantoms involved, but I guess that each combo might result in a different statue. She's also getting an Ilia costume, which looks creepy. I would have preferred a Rutela costume for Ruto, since she could use some more attention, but whatever...

Now let's take a look at the new Adventure Map:

This looks really interesting. Completely new item cards, Twilight zones and more. And less space. It's "only" 93 missions in total to be accurate. And there only seem to be six new weapon upgrades. I suppose the Dominion Rod tiers might just be available randomly like with Epona. But for Twili Midna's Mirror it could make sense to be upgraded via the Adventure Map, since her Heart Containers and Heart Pieces should also be there. But then we would only get four new 8-Bit weapons.

Talking about Heart Pieces ... there's a new one for Midna, the Imp Midna, not the new one. This is very interesting, because this could mean that each character is getting four new Heart Pieces. Considering that this map is quite smaller than before, you wonder, if everyone really gets five new Heart Containers in total on this map. If not... this would mean that they might plan even more DLC in the future, because I suppose that the last line of hearts will be completed at the end of the DLC for everyone. (Update: You can go past Level 99 now, which is why there are only Heart Pieces.)

But here's Ganondorf's new costume and 8-Bit weapon:

It makes sense for him to have the keys, because they match his asymmetrical sword style. And the costume makes him look even more like Demise, I like it. Too bad it doesn't seem like we're getting the dark costumes here. I really wanted that Dark Agitha. But I still think that.

There are these weird red and green Twilight Orbs / Portals. I suppose these hide the costumes, which means that there are 14 costumes in total.

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