Friday, November 21, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: Level Increase and new Potions


You can go past Level 99 in version 1.4. All my characters are on Level 99, so this is a welcome addition. Also, good thing I haven't bothered with A ranking Boss Rush yet. I was secretly hoping that something would be coming that might make this level easier and looks like I'm in luck. If you could kill the bosses in one strike each, this level would be a lot more enjoyable. With Cia I can get it done under 15 minutes, because she's awesome, but it involves a lot of luck having the bosses in positions, where it's not total madness. You get hit by Manhandla one time and the A rank is gone.

And I hope the new potions will include a Materials+ potion. I will be using this all the time and then finally there will be a good use for all the materials, which I have collected. You can even go past 99 units per material now.

Man... I really felt like this game was about to be done, but it's quite the opposite...! Koei Tecmo will keep this baby alive for a while. And there goes all my free time. :D

But this explains, why there are Heart Pieces on the Adventure Map. With new levels every character gets a couple of new Heart Containers.

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Mairraii said...

Hey, if you're not aware yet, the TP DLC and 1.4.0 update are available now!!!